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Medical Training Modules and Surgical Simulators


SIM*VIVO, a leading simulation provider since 2008, specializes in the creation of practical simulation modules for medical learners. Our comprehensive personal learning systems deliver a lifelike and immersive experience, enabling efficient skill acquisition. By eliminating the need to search hospitals for outdated training supplies, we offer a convenient solution for learners. Our commitment to affordability ensures that each individual can easily own their own "personal task trainer," fostering ongoing practice and skill development. High-fidelity at a low cost!




Sim*Vivo Learning Systems



Discover the significance of surgical dexterity in the journey of medical students and residents. Explore the importance of training this essential skill, its impact on patient safety, and practical tips for honing surgical dexterity. Uncover the secrets to mastering precise instrument manipulation, enhancing efficiency, and adapting to new surgical techniques. Learn how surgical dexterity elevates surgical outcomes, boosts confidence, and ensures optimal patient care. Embark on the path to becoming a skilled surgeon through deliberate practice, mentorship, and simulation-based training. Unleash the art of surgical dexterity and pave the way for a successful surgical career.
Sim*Dissect is a dynamic and progressively challenging learning system designed to enhance your surgical skills. With a focus on developing dexterity in both your dominant and non-dominant hand, this comprehensive module equips you with the precision and confidence needed for precise surgical procedures. Sim*Dissect offers an engaging and immersive experience, discover a fun yet rigorous approach to surgical training, where each step brings you closer to surgical excellence.
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