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Medical Training Modules and Surgical Simulators

SIM*VIVO was established in 2008 to specifically develop practical simulation modules that will provide each medical learner with all materials necessary to learn a specific task. These modules provide a realistic lifelike platform for practice in and out of the simulation lab and avoid the need to “scrounge” the hospital for second-rate and outdated training supplies. Our philosophy is to maintain affordability so that each learner can own his or her “personal task trainer” which will naturally facilitate further practice.

Sim*Vivo Learning Systems



Sim*Bowel has arrived!! In response to a number of requests from a variety of learners and practitioners, the creative folks at Sim*Vivo have a developed a new learning system that focuses on the skills…
How exciting is this? I was shocked that when I opened the box, the Sim-Vivo pad was much bigger than I previously imagined. Seeing the pictures floating around on social media were definitely fooling…
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