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Sim*Skin Advanced Learning System


Learn how to manage different wounds from the simple to the more complex: dealing with dog ears, intersecting wound closures, complex wounds with tissue loss, Z-plasty, rhomboid flap, and rotational flap.


What makes Sim*Skin so unique?

  • The skin is very flexible and easily releases from the simulated underlying tissue
  • The edges of the skin on the board are fixed which enhances the retractile nature of the simulator
  • The skin is composed of three layers: outer layer represents epidermis, middle layer is composed of a stretchable integrated fabric that firmly holds all sutures without tearing through, inner layer is colored red for realism
  • The thickness of all three layers allows for the placement of simple and subcuticular sutures
  • For suture holes, the skin is relatively self-healing
  • The frame is made of high-quality plastic for durability
  • The texture of the skin is extremely realistic 


** Full training video coming soon! **

  • Realistic, multi-layered skin suture board
  • Adson forceps
  • Hegar needle driver
  • Iris scissors
  • #10 scalpel
  • Fenestrated drape (2)
  • 4-0 nylon sutures: 75 cm, 19 mm, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting (20)
  • Sim*Skin*Advanced Training Guide
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