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Perfect your skills and master the art of precise dissection like never before. Sim*Lump is designed for the skilled excision of embedded tumors from the surrounding adipose tissue, making it an indispensable tool for the training of medical professionals across various fields, including doctors, nurses, physician assistants, veterinarians, and more.

Unlock the Future of Healthcare Training

At Sim*Vivo, we understand that simulation is more than just a learning tool; it's a gateway to excellence in healthcare. With Sim*Lump, you'll embark on a journey that transcends traditional training methods, and here's why:

Unparalleled Realism: Sim*Lump sets a new standard in medical simulation. Its lifelike, anatomically accurate design allows you to hone your skills with the utmost precision, replicating the experience of working on actual patients. Each detail, from the texture of adipose tissue to the intricacies of embedded tumors, is faithfully recreated to provide an immersive, true-to-life training experience.

Innovative Learning: This cutting-edge simulation board is more than a mere teaching aid. Sim*Lump is an invaluable platform for healthcare professionals to practice excising tumors, enhancing their ability to perform real surgical procedures with confidence and expertise. Whether you're a medical student looking to build your foundational skills or a seasoned practitioner striving for perfection, Sim*Lump caters to all levels of expertise.

Versatility in Training: Sim*Lump is versatile and adaptable, making it an asset for a wide range of healthcare disciplines. Whether you're specializing in oncology, surgery, or veterinary medicine, this dynamic simulation board accommodates your specific training needs. It's the ultimate tool for honing your skills in a risk-free environment, ensuring the highest level of patient care.

Don't miss the opportunity to master the art of precise dissection with Sim*Lump. Elevate your skills, transform your training, and advance your career with the unparalleled realism and innovation that only Sim*Vivo can provide.


Also available as Sim*Lump Kit with included Metzenbaum scissors and DeBakey forceps. 


 Sim*Lump contains 4 embedded lumps to be excised. 

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