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Sim*Bowel Learning System


*Video Tutorials coming soon!

The Sim*Bowel Learning System provides all the material to understand and gain competence in hand-sewn, two-layer bowel closure and anastomosis techniques. The module consists of a learning board comprised of two 8-inch segments of bowel. The simulated bowel has a two-centimeter diameter and is composed of three realistic layers that easily holds sutures used for approximation. DeBakey forceps, Hegar needle holder, Iris scissors and 40 strands of suture provided in the module are sufficient to practice multiple enterotomy closures, as well as end-to-end and side-to-side anastomoses. Two curved Crile clamps are also included to provide tension on the end-sutures as others are being placed. A Training Guide which outlines suturing techniques is also included. This module is recommended for use by two learners at a time so that appropriate assistance can be provided.

  • Training board with two segments of simulated bowel attached
  • DeBakey forceps
  • Hegar needle holder
  • Iris scissors
  • Crile clamps, 2
    • 20 strands of 3-0 silk (black), 75 cm, with a 26 mm, 1/2 circle, taper needle
    • 20 strands of 3-0 silk (white), 75 cm, with a 26 mm, 1/2 circle, taper needle
  • Sim*Bowel Training Guide
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