Sim*Tie is a knot tying module that provides all of the equipment and supplies to train residents , students, nurses, and mid-level providers on how to tie two- and one-handed surgical knots. The kit includes not only practice hooks but also a system to provide resilience which will allow the learner to practice tying secure knots in difficult access areas.   Additionally, small rubber tubes emerge from the board to simulate bulky tissue grasped in a clamp. The four inch cylinder is not attached to the board which challenges the learner to tie knots with difficult access without moving the cylinder. Homework assignments in the provided guidebook offer distributive training opportunities in any comfortable and convenient environment. Anticipated time to complete module is about 4-6 hours. At the completion, the learner will have placed over 2000 throws using 3-0 silk and 0 nylon suture.  OSATS assessment exercises are included in the guidebook.

  • Heavy duty knot tying board with hooks, posts, and rubber tubing
    • Knot tying sutures
      • 3-0 silk, 45 cm, 100 strands
      • 0-nylon, 45 cm, 30 strands
    • Rubber bands to be stretched around posts, 5
    • Crile clamp, 5 inch
    • Scalpels - #10, #15
    • Restrictive cylinder, 4 inch
    • Knot tying guide book
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