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Sim*Tie Learning System


The Sim*Tie Knot Tying Learning System provides all of the equipment and supplies to train residents, students, nurses, and other medical trainers in the techniques of tying two- and one-handed surgical knots. This learning system includes practice hooks and a system to provide resilience which will allow the learner to practice tying secure knots against tissue resistance. The four-inch cylinder is not attached to the board which challenges the learner to tie knots in difficult access conditions without moving the cylinder. Tying around clamps can be learned with the use of a novel tissue simulator and an included curved Crile clamp. Delicately placed ties (i.e. as in vascular surgery) are practiced on a "cup and hook" system. Homework assignments in the provided training guide offer distributive training opportunities in any comfortable and convenient environment.

Anticipated time to complete the curriculum of this module is approximately 4 to 6 hours.  OSATS assessment exercises are included in the training guide. Complimentary training videos for all exercises can be found on this web site.

  • Heavy duty knot tying board with hooks and posts
  • Ties:
    • 3-0 silk, 45 cm, 50 strands
    • 0-nylon, 45 cm, 30 strands
    • 6-0 nylon, 45 cm, 10 strands
  • Rubber bands to be stretched around posts, 5
  • Crile clamp, 5 in
  • Scalpel #15
  • Iris scissors 
  • Restrictive cylinder
  • Simulated tissue strips, 3
  • Post covers
  • Cup and hook 
  • Sim*Tie Training Guide

*Replacement Instrument Kits Available HERE

Training Guides
Introduction and Contents
Some knot tying theory
The two-handed tie
The one-handed tie
Tying against resistance
Tying in restricted space
Tying delicate structures
Clamping and tying
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