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Spark Students' Passion for Medicine with Sim*Suture Starter!


Introducing Sim*Suture Starter Kit, an ideal suture training kit designed to help high school students explore a potential career in healthcare. Suturing is a critical skill for many healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, and learning it early can significantly enhance a student’s readiness and confidence in pursuing a medical career.

Why Choose Sim*Suture Starter Kit for Your Students?

Sim*Suture Starter Kit is crafted to provide a comprehensive, hands-on experience in suturing. It includes everything necessary for students to start practicing this essential skill, all at an unbeatable price. Here’s why it’s perfect for your students.


High-Quality Materials:
Durable Silicone Layers: Our suture board is made from high-quality silicone, designed to withstand rigorous practice sessions.
Upgraded Dual Mesh Design: Features both vertical and horizontal meshes, providing exceptional tear resistance and extending the life of the training pad.
Realistic Tissue Simulation: Protective mesh layers mimic real-life tissue textures, giving students a realistic practice experience.


Versatile Training Tool:
Supports All Skill Levels: Whether your students are just starting with basic suturing techniques or advancing to more complex subcuticular sutures, Sim*Suture Starter caters to all skill levels.
Variety of Wounds: The board includes 14 pre-cut wounds, offering a range of scenarios to help students improve their technique.


Complete and Portable:
Professional Instruments: The kit comes with all the necessary tools, including Adson forceps, Hegar needle holder, suture scissors, and sutures.
Convenient Storage: Everything is packed in a zippered case, making it easy for students to carry their suture kit and practice wherever they are—at school, the library, or at home.


With Sim*Suture Starter Kit, your students can gain invaluable hands-on experience and build foundational skills that will inspire and prepare them for a future in healthcare. Introducing this training kit to your curriculum will not only enhance their practical knowledge but also ignite their passion for medical careers.  It is your key to teaching suturing techniques with confidence and precision. With its durable design, realistic practice experience, and comprehensive contents, this kit is perfect for beginners

We invite you to explore Sim*Suture Starter Kit and consider it as an exciting addition to your school's healthcare education program. Thank you for your commitment to preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Purchases of 100+ units of this item are eligible for a 10% discount! Please email us at simsales@sim-vivo.com.



Sim*Suture Starter Contents:

  • 3-layer suture board with 14 challenging pre-cut wounds
  • Adson forceps, toothed
  • Hegar needle holder
  • Suture scissors
  • 3-0 nylon, 24 mm reverse cutting needle (10)
  • 4-0 nylon, 19 mm reverse cutting needle (5)
  • Zippered tool case to carry the entire system




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