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Sim*Skin and Sim*Skin*Mini are the highest quality multi-layered skin suturing boards available today. Best used for advanced students who do not require guidelines to aid in the practice of suturing techniques. The surface can be cut in any direction for any length for the practice of simple, running, mattress, and subcuticular sutures.


How is Sim*Skin different from its competitors?

  • It provides the most realistic skin-like surface and texture
  • The skin is composed of three layers
  • The thickness of all three layers allows for the placement of simple and subcuticular sutures
  • For suture holes, the skin is relatively self-healing, allowing for repeated use.
  • The frame is made of high-quality plastic for durability and enhances the retractile nature of the simulator

What makes Sim*Skin so unique?

  • The skin is very flexible and easily releases from the simulated underlying tissue
  • The edges of the skin on the board are fixed which enhances the retractile nature of the simulator
  • The outer layer represents epidermis
  • The middle layer is composed of a stretchable integrated fabric that firmly holds all sutures without tearing through
  • The inner layer is colored red for realism
  • The texture of the skin is extremely realistic
  • Simulated skin board
  • Board measures 10" x 10"
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