SIM*CATH provides each learner a realistic central venous line insertion kit that provides all materials for CVL insertion practice. This catheter tray includes all of the equipment usually found in basic CVL insertion sets.

This kit is provided in a plastic tray to simulate the self-contained sets that are usually available for bedside CVL placement (just like the real thing without all the bells and whistles). The use of this kit avoids re-using torn and bent wires and catheters. May be reused several times by each learner. Small catheter size limits damage to standard insertion models.

Note: Insertion manikin is not provided.

Sim*Cath Kit provides

  • 14 or 16 ga single lumen central line, 20 cm length
  • Needle and syringe for vein puncture
  • Wire
  • Dilator
  • Securing collar (no suture)
  • Needle and syringe for local anesthesia (anesthetic not provided)

A practice guidebook is provided to familiarize the learner with the equipment including practice with tactile manipulation of the wire and catheters

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  • Training videos not available for this module
  • The Sim*Cath Guidebook¬†provides an introduction to wire and catheter manipulation