Introducing A Different Approach to Simulation and Task Training

  • Complete simulation modules
  • All equipment and supplies included
  • Integrated curriculum for deliberate and distributive practice
  • Low Cost … the best value in task training.

SIM*VIVO was established in 2008 to specifically develop practical simulation modules that will provide each medical learner with all materials necessary to learn a specific  task.  These modules were developed to provide a realistic lifelike platform for practice in and out of the simulation lab and to avoid the need for “scrounging” the hospital for second-rate and outdated training supplies.  Additionally, our philosophy is to keep the cost of each unit reasonable so that each learner could own his or her “personal task trainer” which would facilitate further practice.

Using the APDS/ACS surgery resident curriculum as a model, SIM*VIVO has developed a knot tying module and simple suturing module that contain all of the training materials and  a guide book that allows the learner to practice in or out of the laboratory at his or her own pace.  To complete the module, instructions are given for testing for competence.  More recently, we have opened Sim*Supply which can provide you and your simulation laboratory with a wide array of high quality, low cost surgical simulation supplies

Complimentary instructional “learning” videos are also available on this web site to facilitate the initial learning steps for each skill.  Together, our hands-on learning materials provides the integrated task training experience that will appeal to medical students, residents, nurses and nursing students, and mid-level providers.

Who We Are

John B. Fortune, MD
Operating Manager
Medical Director

As an active trauma surgeon and surgical educator, John noted several years ago that there was a need for learning systems and task trainers that could provide the learner with all of the materials necessary for learning a single surgical procedure.  In response to this perceived need, he started Sim*Vivo, LLC, specifically to provide learners the opportunity for deliberate and distributive practice to best learn the tasks at hand.  Affordability was also another key concept in Dr. Fortune’s quest to provide simulation laboratories and individual learners the best equipment and supplies at prices far under those currently on the market.  In the past year, he opened Sim*Supply as a subsidiary to solely focus high quality supplies that would eliminate the need to scour the OR and hospital for outdated or discarded materials.  Dr. Fortune is currently developing additional learning systems for dissection skills, GI anastomosis, vascular repair and anastomosis, and flap manipulation.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact him at John@sim-vivo.com. Dr. Fortune is still a busy trauma and critical care surgeon so it might take a few days to respond!

Rebecca D. Tinker

Becky is the business manager and customer liaison for Sim*Vivo.  She has a background in the financial sector and was a welcome addition to Sim*Vivo three years ago.  If there are questions about your order or shipping, Becky will certainly be happy to help.  She can be reached at Rebecca@sim-vivo.com.

Jeanne Dryer

Jeanne is in charge of all of the manufacturing and shipping operations for Sim*Vivo.  In short, she is the person that gets everything done.  Her long history in the shoe and curtain manufacturing business has provided Sim*Vivo the expertise to maintain the high quality of our products.

Hilda Shaw

Hilda is our customer representative who will happily take you order if you place it by phone at 518-963-7640.